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Sherpa Within
Embodied Shadow Work

Sherpa Within aims to empower you in uprooting deeply held trauma, deficiency patterns, and repressed emotions through utilizing somatic inquiry and mindfulness tools. 

We are living through a paradigm shift in how we approach mental health and emotional healing. The veil between mind and body has been lifted. No longer do you have to meet weekly for years with a psychotherapist or body worker to access and resolve deeply held trauma and emotional patterns. As a mental health practitioner myself, I know how tedious and difficult traditional therapy can be. The somatic tools that I want to share are different, can be learned by anyone, and directly address the issues that plague us in a simple and gentle way.

The approach presented uses mindfulness based tools like inquiry to go within and directly connect with and release the underlying emotional patterns that cause our suffering. The result is an incredibly effective way to work with our thoughts and feelings without getting lost in endless conceptual analysis or getting stuck in emotions that seem to never resolve. There is a middle way between working with just the body and ignoring thoughts and working with thoughts and ignoring the body. We have to include both, and somatic inquiry is how we can do that.


The release that this approach provides is permanent since you are going to the root, the source code of the pattern. You are essentially de-programming yourself without the need to add anything, like positive affirmations, which of course never actually work. The more that we let go of the programming that binds us in suffering, the more we can finally access the joy and connection we've always wanted. The result is that we feel profoundly free and at peace.

My background is in Buddhist meditation and working in mental health as a psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP). I have writings here and videos on Youtube which are freely available. I am also available for one-on-one work with anyone who is committed to truth and emotional growth and needs additional support.

- Michael Zaurov

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A member of the Sherpa people from the Himalayan region renowned for their bravery and skill at navigating dangerous and mountainous terrain. The term sherpa is synonymous with expert guide and is a metaphor for learning to become your own guide to navigating and resolving emotional patterns through the process of inquiry and shadow work. 

Image by Christopher Burns
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