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One on One

Work with me one-on-one to make rapid progress in emotional growth and integration

There is something incredibly powerful about being facilitated by someone skilled in inquiry. On our own we may keep getting distracted or lost in the process, but having someone directly work with you can allow you to access and release patterns that normally would take much longer to release. Also, being facilitated strengthens your own inquiry muscles so that it is easier to do on your own. The goal is always for you to be autonomous and become your own sherpa, but sometimes we need the guidance of others to navigate terrain that we are not used to navigating yet on our own. 

The focus of this work is primarily shadow work and emotional integration using a mindfulness based approach. No particular background or training is needed. In some ways, the less you have done before, the better you will probably do. 

My approach is intuitive, and I employ various modalities that I have learned such as Focusing, Kiloby Inquiries, and other mindfulness based tools found in Western psychotherapy as well as Eastern (primarily Buddhist) traditions. 

It is difficult to price this service because it does not really correlate with anything else out there. Even though you get a lot more 'bang for your buck,' I am pricing these sessions based on what therapy usually costs. Sessions usually run 60 minutes, and the cost is $200. I have a sliding scale that I can offer if this is not affordable. I try not to exclude anyone who cannot afford to pay. If you are a student or on a limited income, please contact me to see if there is scholarship available.


Frequency depends on what is required for your particular situation, but biweekly or monthly sessions are what I usually recommend. But even meeting once every few months can be incredibly transformative.

Please read my disclaimer about working together and contact me if you are interested in scheduling.

I can also sincerely recommend working with any certified Kiloby Inquiries facilitator. They would have better availability scheduling wise than me. What I do is very similar, so please do not hesitate to schedule with a KI facilitator, even if you have worked with me before. Everyone has their own style, so working with different facilitators can be very helpful.  

Click here to see a list of Certified Kiloby Inquiries facilitators 

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